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To do that, you simply need to start a profitable business. Any size proves the point that you can do it. There is no reason to require that your first business be a blockbuster. Many successful entrepreneurs have failed multiple tiny businesses on the way to their success.

At a Glance

Site Type




Site Age

Since 2016 March

Net Profit

$20,000+ p/m


Uniques PageViews
Jan 2018 6,35,624 9,34,163
Dec 2017 3,28,170 6,22,040
Nov 2017 4,76,000 7,71,990
Oct 2017 2,17,780 3,11,112
Sep 2017 2,89,314 3,52,567
Aug 2017 4,11,332 4,17,321
Jul 2017 5,11,457 4,42,345
Jun 2017 5,25,789 4,52,456
May 2017 3,52,567 4,78,345
Apr 2017 4,17,321 5,38,345
Mar 2017 3,52,567 4,84,432
Feb 2017 5,45,262 6,23,123


Revenue Costs Profit
Mar 2018 $20,682 $2,020 $18,662
Feb 2018 $32,328 $2,020 $30,308
Jan 2018 $30,465 $2,020 $28,445
Dec 2017 $28,077 $2,020 $26,057
Nov 2017 $65,023 $2,020 $63,003
Oct 2017 $44,772 $2,020 $42,752
Sep 2017 $25,751 $2,020 $23,731
Aug 2017 $27,190 $2,020 $25,170
Jul 2017 $46,879 $2,020 $44,859
Jun 2017 $65,810 $2,020 $63,790
May 2017 $34,393 $2,020 $32,373
Apr 2017 $68,304 $2,020 $66,284
Mar 2017 $58,266 $2,020 $56,246
Feb 2017 $31,337 $2,020 $29,317
Jan 2017 $39,159 $2,020 $37,139


Freelancing Business HIGHLIGHTS:

FREELANCINGBUSINESS.COM , Catchy Premium Domain (We will transfer Domain After BUYING)
FREE Hosting possible (one year) Included
No Website maintenance is required
UNLIMITED SALES (No need to work-Files are added for automatically download after payment is Done !)
BUSINESS TIPS (We will provide you all BUSINESS TIPS files after you buy this website)
RESUMES (We will provide you all RESUMES files after you buy this website)
WEBSITES (We will provide you all Websites after you buy this website Including Domains + Hosting)
WEB TRAFFIC (We will provide you WEB TRAFFIC free Software bot for generating traffic after you buy this website)
PAYPAL (World Wide Payments)
Accept payments in 100+ currencies from your customers anywhere in the world.

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Freelancing Business offers thousands of services by our Experts. Once you BUY this website, We will send you all source files to your account.


#1. $768,066+ in Overall Sales — From March'17 to Present

#2. FREE Hosting (one year) Included

#3. Catchy Premium Domain

#4. No website maintenance is required.

#5. Most of the traffic to this website is free. The winner will get my traffic method.

2. Simple and Straight-Forward Steps To This Business

How does it work?


Buying websites isn’t easy, but we want to make it as simple as possible for everyone who visits our marketplace.

The first step would be to visit our marketplace to see what sites we have for sale. We flesh out all the details of the site and show various screenshots of their revenue and traffic data directly in the listing. Unless it’s a fully public listing, the URL will not be shown unless you make a (fully refundable) 5% deposit.

You can choose to either pay a 5% deposit for more info or buy the website directly. To purchase, click the Buy It Now button and send the bank wire. All sales are final and we make no guarantees, expressed or implied.

In any instance where we receive multiple deposits for the same business, we follow a “first in” policy. The first wire we’ve received gets the purchase and the others are refunded. There is a way to make sure you get the deal and “win the wire race” by leaving money on file with us. You can read more about Winning the Wire Race here.

In some cases, we allow buyers to hold funds with us for an instance purchase. If you’d like us to hold funds in anticipation of a sale, please contact us.


This business runs almost 100% hands free. All Business Files are digital downloads that can be downloaded after purchase.


This business runs almost 100% hands free. All templates are digital downloads that can be downloaded after purchase. All Resume Templates are easy to use, we rarely receive questions or requests for support.


1. When someone Purchases A WEB TRAFFIC, payment is immediately send to your paypal account.

2. You get the order information, forward it to your chosen supplier.

3. Supplier does the work, you just sit back and relax.

4. Work is finished, you forward the report from the supplier to your customer.

You See? All work is fully done by the supplier, you just gather the information and the payment!

I WILL PROVIDE YOU SUPPLIER DETAILS. Supplier details will be provided once site transfer is complete


3.How much does it cost to outsource this business?

#1. Depends on the package, for example 10,000 visitors costs a flat fee of $12.99 !!!


#1. It is right that content is king but you should also take care about clean design and easy navigation for long term success because first impression is last impression. You can not create long term assets with poor design. When visitor land up your site, most of time your professional design that force them to read and engage with. Later only , they could know the quality of content. You can see our design is unmatched.

5. WHY Authority WEBSITE ?

#1. Google LOVES Authority websites.

#2. Instant Establishment of Your Reputation as an Expert of niche.

#3You will have an excellent online office open 24/7.

#4. People will trust and consider you as expert in the niche.

#5. Ahead site will be ranked for multiple keywords.